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How to create a subdomain for use with Blogger

 Not all sites are meant solely for blogging. Some websites only include a blog for marketing purposes only. This is because blogs can drive traffic to your site. Each site visitor is a potential customer who can end up buying products or services on the website. I am going to show you how you can create a subdomain that can then be used as a custom domain on Blogger. Creating a subdomain in CPanel Most web hosting companies in Zimbabwe provide packages that come with CPanel and therefore I shall use it as an example. It is easy to create a subdomain in CPanel. A subdomain has two main purposes. It can act be used to host a different website or to organize the main domain so as to improve the user experience. If your main domain is '', then a subdomain can be ''. To create '', simply lo into CPanel and head on to the section written 'subdomains'. Go on to create your subdomain by just entering the word 'blog

What social media management tool do I use?

As a digital marketer , there are a lot of tools I use in my day to day activities. From analytic tools to content management systems, there are a lot of tools to use and a lot of choices to make as there a many brands to choose from. Today I would like to share with you the social media management tool I use to schedule my posts. There are many social media management tools like buffer but my favourite is Crowdfire . Crowdfire is a social media management platform which helps businesses or individuals drive social media engagement and growth. It has a lot of features which include content publishing , content curation and customer service. One thing I like about Crowdfire is the price which is competitive. The platform is also easy to understand and increases productivity, what a perfect tool to grow and manage your social accounts!