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How to create a subdomain for use with Blogger

 Not all sites are meant solely for blogging. Some websites only include a blog for marketing purposes only. This is because blogs can drive traffic to your site. Each site visitor is a potential customer who can end up buying products or services on the website. I am going to show you how you can create a subdomain that can then be used as a custom domain on Blogger.

Creating a subdomain in CPanel

Most web hosting companies in Zimbabwe provide packages that come with CPanel and therefore I shall use it as an example. It is easy to create a subdomain in CPanel. A subdomain has two main purposes. It can act be used to host a different website or to organize the main domain so as to improve the user experience. If your main domain is '', then a subdomain can be ''.

To create '', simply lo into CPanel and head on to the section written 'subdomains'. Go on to create your subdomain by just entering the word 'blog' and click create. Your subdomain will be created and within a few minutes, the address will be functioning. 

Custom Domain 

Once your new subdomain has started working you can now use it as a custom domain in blogger. Go to settings and select 'custom domain'. You will be asked to input your custom domain. Enter the subdomain created earlier and two CNAMES will appear. Copy the details and go back to CPanel. Navigate to the DNS Zone in CPanel and click 'manage'. Delete the records for your subdomain and create two new CNAMES that shall have the details provided in Blogger. Once you are done go back to blogger and complete setting the custom domain.

Domain Propagation

After completing settings you have to wait for domain propagation which can take up to 48 hours. Until your domain has fully propagated it will not display your blog. You have to be patient but it will eventually start working.


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