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How to create a subdomain for use with Blogger

 Not all sites are meant solely for blogging. Some websites only include a blog for marketing purposes only. This is because blogs can drive traffic to your site. Each site visitor is a potential customer who can end up buying products or services on the website. I am going to show you how you can create a subdomain that can then be used as a custom domain on Blogger. Creating a subdomain in CPanel Most web hosting companies in Zimbabwe provide packages that come with CPanel and therefore I shall use it as an example. It is easy to create a subdomain in CPanel. A subdomain has two main purposes. It can act be used to host a different website or to organize the main domain so as to improve the user experience. If your main domain is '', then a subdomain can be ''. To create '', simply lo into CPanel and head on to the section written 'subdomains'. Go on to create your subdomain by just entering the word 'blog

Pointers made easy, C programming

Pointers store addresses or data. This means that at any given time they might either contain data or addresses. The good thing is that they can easily switch roles to suit the programmer but he must always keep track of the current role of the pointer so as to avoid errors.  Using pointers to alternatively store data and addresses is a recipe for disaster. To avoid that you can use the following criteria of naming pointers. Naming them for ease of use *a  for storing addresses only *b  for both. *d for storing data only (great for strings). Just like variables, you can declare a pointers without assigning it a value. Initializing a pointer gives it a value which as mentioned earlier can be either an address or data.  struct tree *d_node ;  struct tree **a_node; char *d_day  = "Wednesday"; int *b; Is the above notation common? No, not at all. It is there for teaching purposes. In the real world of C programming there is another effective notation to avoid confusion.  When usi

Advantages of Competitive Programming

Competitive programming has numerous benefits. Other than financial gains, one can build a career in software engineering from engaging in coding competitions. The sites which are well known for competitive programming are Google Kickstart  or Google Code Jam, Code forces and Topcoder. You can be awarded points , T-shirts or money by participating in any one of their online challenges.  The first advantage is enjoying sport from the comfort of your home. It feels good to compete with other coding enthusiasts and get to see how you rank among coders worldwide. If you are a student or aspiring software engineer, you can benefit immensely from coding competitions as they can help you perfect the idea of testing software, or to appreciate data structures and algorithms more as you are pushed to write code which meets strict nonfunctional requirements.  Nonfunctional requirements do not have a direct bearing on the functioning of the program. However the choice of algorithms and data struct

WhatsApp should tweak its audio or video call settings

Technology is there to provide solutions to problems bedeviling humanity. Even though, most aspiring entrepreneurs find it hard to come up with home grown solutions or ideas for startups. They know the problems but can not provide solutions at times due to several factors like inadequate funds or technology limitations. In this article I would like to highlight a challenge that some users are facing on the WhatsApp platform and propose a solution which I believe the technology giant can easily implement. Some organisations use messages from WhatsApp platform to interact with their customers but do not entertain calls. An example is a radio broadcast in which listeners are allowed to send messages to be read on air. Radio presenters always complain about some people who call instead of texting and they say it disrupts their broadcast. I believe it is high time that WhatsApp introduces a call blocking feature for those occasions when a user would like to receive messages only in

Best free alternative to DSTV

Well, it might not be totally free but most of the content is free. I have written about  free alternatives to Netflix and have been mum about any Dstv alternatives. It is because I had not found one. How do I mean I had not found one when there are so many streaming apps out there? Dstv has certain channels which can not be found anywhere else with ease. I needed an ideal replacement where I could find channels like Jim Jam, for my kids, and Bollywood or Zollywood channels for my wife. I finally found the solution in On StarTimes. StarTimes has everything you need in a streaming app. It gives apps like Netflix, a run for their money. It also promises to takeover Tubi from the pole position of my favourite video streaming apps. How is that so? StarTimes allows you access to live TV and you can also find downloadable content for watching later. The latter, is a feature which is common in top video streaming apps like ShowMax and Netflix, Youtube or Prime Video. D

Pexels versus other stock image sites

I fell in love with Pexels the very first time I tried it. I submitted only four photos in the name of experimenting and I was wowed by how well the images performed. I had just uploaded the few high resolution photos I had in my phone and they were not my best photos.  I checked in two days after uploading and noticed that several people had already started interacting with my photos.  Following my success with Pexels, I decided to try other photo sharing apps to check if there was anything I was missing out on. I tried Shutterstock and Adobe and my findings made me fall in love with Pexels even more. I was amazed by how Adobe uses machine learning to automatically come up with keywords after uploading a photo. I could not believe my eyes when their platform could detect a rainbow in my photo! I did not notice the same in Shutterstock. I had to manually add keywords after submiting my photos and it was painstaking.  I am still waiting approval of my photos on both Adobe and Shuttersto

Apps I missed from the Roku store

In Zimbabwe Roku devices are hard to come by and when they were made available around 2018 through a deal with Kwese Play I was one of the first people to buy the Roku 3 device. However, the fun did not last long as the devices were rendered obsolete after the deal was terminated. That left me with a deep ache in my heart as I had already started enjoying some apps I had installed from the Roku app store. So how am I coping, you might want to know. Image of some of the apps in Google Playstore for Android TV. I bought an android TV box and continued enjoying Netflix , YouTube and Tubi. I use the latter when I can not afford my monthly Netflix subscription. Somehow, I still missed something from Roku. What is that? I pondered about it and finally realised that Roku had got me attached to Redbull TV and Aljazeera.  I then decided to check Google Playstore to see if I can install the apps to my TV box. I know most people could have figured this out earlier than I did. I then remembered a

Online Learning Platform for Zimbabwean Kids

I have launched an online platform on which kids aged four to twelve can practice reading and listening skills in Shona and English.  The content is interactive and free. More features will be added in due course. Learning is through word games and an interactive yet simple to use interface. Head to  Shona Words  and get your kid to start learning from the comfort of your home today.